American Roulette


In France, Roulette means "small wheel", but people believe that the game first came about in 18th century England. Ever since its very first design, which the Blanc brothers came up with, the table layout has not changed much. The Blanc brothers were in charge of the most famous casino in Monte Carlo, by the way, and this game has attracted sophisticated players all over the world.

Unfortunately, unlike other casino games out there, roulette doesn't have a basic strategy. However, if you want to play the game, you should opt to play its European version. Versus American roulette, European roulette wheels only have 37 slots (no "00"). Here are more tips to boost your odds of winning.

Tips on Winning Roulette

Bet on even money and low odds because these bets provide a low house edge in roulette.

Play only at casinos with European roulette. The additional zero that American roulette has will boost the house edge to 5.3% advantage. In European roulette, there is only a 2.7% house edge.

It would be highly advisable only to play the game for brief time periods.

Never bet on the top lines or five-spots when playing American roulette.

Have a set budget to play the game with. If you end up losing all of it, stop playing. Roulette only exists for pure entertainment, not for money-making.

Payouts of Roulette Bets

Rank Casino US Score Bonus
1. Win Palace Casino USA OK 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino USA OK 10 €100
3. Go Casino Casino USA OK 9 £300
4. Rushmore Casino USA OK 8 $300
5. Rome Casino USA OK 7 $555