Biloxi Roulette


Do you know about the system of biloxi roulette? Well, it was made to boost the chances of a player of winning in roulette. If you want, you can try out this system for free first, so you can practice with it and find out if it will work for you or not.

What is the Biloxi System?

This system was made by a man named Joe Biloxi and it deals with placing the right values to table layout parts in order to cover 32 potential outcomes. This results in a great help in increasing your odds of winning by 85%.

This might sound strange but because of this system, you are never going to experience two losses one after the other. Just place your bet four times after a loss to get only two out of twelve losses overall. It would be highly advisable not to go over this number.

  • How many of these values should you place, then, and where should they be placed?
  • Six values onto the first column
  • Six values onto the third column
  • One value in-between 00 and 0
  • One value in-between 8 to 11
  • One value in-between 17 to 20
  • One value in-between 26 to 29

Where Can You Play?

Obviosuly, Biloxi Roulette can be played where it gets its name from. Just find out what Biloxi casinos have to offer their clients through the game and what the maximum and minimum bets look like over there.

The truth is that Biloxi casinos never provide roulette wheels with only one zero; they only have American ones. But, despite their huge house edge, these roulette wheels happen to be very popular and well-loved in that area.

Rank Casino US Score Bonus
1. Win Palace Casino USA OK 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino USA OK 10 €100
3. Go Casino Casino USA OK 9 £300
4. Rushmore Casino USA OK 8 $300
5. Rome Casino USA OK 7 $555