Casino Roulette Systems


There can be a lot of systems and winning strategies for playing american roulette. The game has inspired players to create some definite methods to beat the game. There are thousands of different Roulette Strategies. Let's name some of them:

Martingale betting strategy

This Martingale strategy is for beginners which appeared in 18 century in France and became well-known. This system is very simple: player can bet on red or on black, and if the ball lands on a red this is the winning. Although, there are a lot of different changes, variants and additions in this system.

The Dozens System

This system is for people, who have some experience with roulette and already know some systems of playing Roulette. The Dozens system uses some principles of the Beginner System but with more progressive ideas. One can bet only on the 'Dozens':

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Some Experiments

One more method was described by Andres Martinez. The idea of this system is to divide roulette bankroll into 35 units. This unit is bet on certain number for 35 consistent spins. Unfortunately, if one plays with double zero wheel the chances of winning are approximately 60%. There is a common mistake that the green numbers are considered to be "house numbers" and that it is possible to gain the "house edge" in such a way.

Joseph Jagger has been made several approaches of overcoming the house edge by way of predicting the mechanical actions of the Roulette wheel.

In 1991 Thomas Bass stated that it quite possible to predict the performance of the Roulette wheel in real time. He is the author of "The Newtonian Casino" and "The Eudaemonic Pie" in which he explain exploits of a group of hackers, who used computers in their shoes to win at roulette. And in London 2004 a group used mobile camera phones to predict the path of the Roulette ball and called this technique sector targeting. Court decided that it wasn't a crime because camera phone weren't influencing the Roulette ball.

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