What is the Labouchere System?

The Labouchère or cancellation system, also known as the split martingale, refers to a roulette gambling strategy. Players who use this strategy need to decide on the amount of money that they wish to gain before playing the game. Then, they write down the positive numbers which would sum up to their predetermined amount. Then, with every bet, players stake an amount that equals the overall sum according to the list's very first and very last numbers. Once a single number is left, that would be the stake's amount. If this bet succeeds, two amounts will be taken off of the list. On the other hand, if that bet fails, the losses are appended onto the list's bottom. This will keep going until nothing is left on the list. This means that the profit has been made or that the player has gone broke.

The Theory

This strategy's theory is that, because the player crosses off two numbers from the list for each added number, he can finish the list and win the amount that he wants, even if he doesn't win too many times overall.

The Labouchere System should be used on roulette propositions of even money, like odd/even or black/red. When such bets are placed in roulette games, spins resulting in 00 and 0 means a loss. Therefore, although even money gets paid odd, the chances aren't 50/50. This system homes to change those odds.

By playing one of those propositions, 18 results could come about as wins and 20 results could come about as losses. This means that players have an 18/38 or 40.27% odds of winning with the aforementioned propositions.

In theory, since the player cancels out two list numbers for each win and only adds one for each loss, he needs a minimum proposition of 33.34% to finish off the list.

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