Roulette online


In recent years the necessity of using internet by people all over the world increased greatly. One can't even imagine his/her life without it. In consequence of this online casino games were created.

Every year casino sites earn billions of dollars. Of course, some people like the land-based casinos. But still we can single out some advantages of playing casino games online particularly of playing such a well-known game as Roulette. There are two versions of this game: European and American. Both of them have 36 red and black slots. The difference is that European Roulette contains one zero slot and the American one - zero and double zero. First of all in comparison with offline casino, online casino gambling is much faster.

Then, there is no opportunity to play in the offline casinos for free, while choosing online game one can play just for fun, check his luck or simply improve his/her knowledge of playing casino games. However, all players should know that online roulette odds are very important and completely understand the rules of online roulette. Moreover, it can be rather difficult to gain advantage of the odds for the new players. In this case all comers have an opportunity to download roulette software which was worked out for helping players to learn and understand all rules and difficulties of the game and to win as much money as possible.

Wheel of Fortune

The roulette wheel is so-called "wheel of fortune", which attracts thousands of players every single day. Entering an online casino players deposit their cash in the account by several transfer methods. When the deposits are done, the players can deposit other amount at any time. So, we can name one more advantage of playing casino online - there is no need to go to the bank and to take out some sum of money.

Online casino gives the same or even more opportunities than offline. So, anyone can easily create a casino atmosphere for himself and maybe earn some money.

# Casino US players Rating Bonuses
1. Win Palace Casino YES 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino YES 10 $100
3. Go Casino Casino YES 9 $300
4. Rushmore Casino YES 8 $300
5. Rome Casino YES 7 $555