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Online casino European roulette is gaining even more popularity to the point that both casual, and veteran, players are switching to it after playing at their favorite land-based casinos for years. The reason why people have started to play roulette online is that it has become a commodity and thanks to all the promotions and a low house edge that online casinos have, it’s much more profitable than playing at a brick and mortar casino. If you want to play roulette online you will see that it’s a very simple process. You make an account, deposit some money to start playing, pick the game you like most and press play. These casinos will offer both online casino European roulette and American roulette, although we personally see no reason why anyone should play American roulette as it has a higher house edge and still the same payouts as the other variant. The rules when you play roulette online are the same as the classic game of ruleta that you’d play at a real casino. You have a table which has numbered sections on it which represent the numbered sections of the table’s wheel. Place the chips to wager on one or several of the numbers on the table. If the ball that is dropped into the spinning wheel lands on any of the numbers you wagered on you will be able to win a payout of up to 35 to 1 of your initial bet. As we mentioned previously, online casinos also boast generous promotions and free cash. By registering a new account and making your first deposit you will have a 100% deposit match which doubles any money invested up to a total amount. With this money, you will be able to play for much longer than you originally thought you would. Remember to read about the terms and conditions of the bonuses so that you know when you can withdraw your earnings. If you continue playing at the casino you will also start getting free chips or rewards as part of their daily rewards and for big spenders, there is a VIP system with which you can accumulate reward points which can be turned into real money or real life prizes.

Casino Programs and roulette videos

Online casinos don’t only operate with the use of their websites – they also use dedicated computer software which you can download to play high-quality versions of their browser-based original games. We recommend these to people who spend a lot of time at their computer in general and that enjoy gambling. Android and iOS versions are also available for your smartphones if you prefer casual competitive plays with real money involved. Any games downloaded from the Google Play app store will not allow real cash gambling.

Rank Casino US Score Bonus
1. Win Palace Casino USA OK 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino USA OK 10 €100
3. Go Casino Casino USA OK 9 £300
4. Rushmore Casino USA OK 8 $300
5. Rome Casino USA OK 7 $555