Roulette is the most popular and exciting game in the world. It is also called the "Queen of all casinos". The main reason of its popularity is that it is rather easy to understand all rules and peculiarities of the game.

The history of invention of roulette game is quite inconsistent. It is believed that there are two places of origin of Roulette: France and China. There are several theories of appearing of this game:

1. The game was worked out in the 17 century by Blaise Pascal who was trying to create perpetual motion machine.

2. The game was invented by Francois Blank which made a deal with the devil (the sum of all numbers (1-36) is 666, known as The Number of Beast).

Roulette wheel

The roulette online wheel is divided into black and red components (1-36) and one green component (0) (the amount of green components depends on variation of the roulette game). All numbers sited not sequentially. Today it is possible to find two main roulette variants which are very popular anf loved among all gamblers.

Roulette table

Players make a bet on numbers and colors and that's why the fields of roulette table have the same color as the pockets on the roulette wheel.

Rules of the game:

The players are playing against the casino. The main aim of the player is to guess what number will win. Each player makes one or more bets. A croupier spins the wheel and watches closely payouts and bets.


There are two kinds of bets in the roulette game: Inside bets and Outside bets

1. Inside bets - The player tries to foresee the exact number and that is why inside bets are considered to be more risky. Inside bets can be of following types:

  • Straight-up
  • Split
  • StreetCornerSix
  • Line (or Double Street)
  • TrioBasketTop Line

2. Outside bets - The payouts of this kind of bets are made on some other functions of roulette table. The following types are:

  • Column bet
  • Color bet
  • Dozen Bets
  • Snake bet
  • Even or Odd

The probability of winning is different because of the different variants of playing Roulette game.

# Casino US players Rating Bonuses
1. Win Palace Casino YES 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino YES 10 $100
3. Go Casino Casino YES 9 $300
4. Rushmore Casino YES 8 $300
5. Rome Casino YES 7 $555