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You can access latest news on gambling by accessing the links provided at this site including rules of gambling and information on different casinos. Read the terms and conditions of this site carefully so that if you have any doubts regarding those, you can ask questions to njcasinoguide.com before following the any of the casino link provided in the site. This site can be accessed only by individuals who understand and follow the terms and conditions.

Legality of the casinos

The gambler should agree that gambling is the responsibility of the user and njcasinoguide.com only providing details of some site with the help of hyperlinks. The information about the casinos provided by the site is published on the internet and can be viewed by people all over the world. Some countries do not consider online gambling as legal whereas some countries do not even mentioned that online gambling is legal or illegal. So before using any of the online casinos for gambling listed here, you have to agree that you are following laws related to gambling of your country. If you have to pay taxes for the winnings, then you have to report the winnings to the concerned authorities. No online gambling websites allows individuals below 18 years to place a bet.

Rules and Regulations

Here are the rules and regulations to be followed by using this site:

1. The casino is not responsible for any loss of money deposited as well as wagered by the gambler in any of the online casinos listed.

2. The site is not responsible for the following cases such as system failure of the online casino, for monetary losses, mistakes from the side of both gambler and the online casino, failure of internet connections, delays, hostile attitudes, terrorism, Government acts, explosion, theft, flood, lockout, strike or damages of any kind.

3. The site won't take any responsibility for damages caused by the gambler or misuse of information on the internet.

4. The site is also not responsible for the game cancellation or any kind of disagreement between the gambler and online gambling site.

5. Gambler should agree that this site will change the terms and conditions singlehandedly.

Accuracy of the information provided by the online casinos cannot be guaranteed by us. But we will update the information regularly. Most of the online casinos will change their rules and regulations, promotions and bonuses regularly. Online casinos cancel their promotional offers so often without any notice. So before joining a casino always check the rules.

# Casino US players Rating Bonuses
1. Win Palace Casino YES 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino YES 10 $100
3. Go Casino Casino YES 9 $300
4. Rushmore Casino YES 8 $300
5. Rome Casino YES 7 $555