Roulette Basis


Casino gambling has very long and interesting history. But it is closely connected with one game, which has been adored by centuries. This game is roulette. The history of roulette has started in 1800's. The creator of roulette wheel is considered to be Blaise Pascal, who wanted to create perpetual motion machine. But it is only one version of game origin. There are also many others, but one of them is so popular and mysterious, that many people prefer to think, that it gave birth to roulette. According to this version, roulette game was created not by Pascal, but be Devil himself. One of the casino owners had bad times, people did not want to visit his casino, and he once told that he had been ready to give his soul for the game which would attract clients to his casino. Devil heard that and offered him a bargain – his soul for roulette, game which was played in hell. Casino owner accepted it and a new game appeared at his casino. Soon, it became one of the best in country and thousand people started to play roulette. Scary store, isn’t it? Maybe the commence of roulette game was strange and covered with the mystery, but today we know two things for sure – roulette is immensely popular and it attracts thousands of players. Roulette game, as well as online roulette, is not so simple as it may seem to be. There are two main types of roulette: American and European roulette online. The main difference between them is house edge. You will find more information on different roulette types at our web-site, so do not forget to check it up! Bothe of these types can be played via Internet. Nowadays modern technical progress brought new possibilities so playing roulette online becomes extremely popular. If you want to play roulette game online, you just need to find out reliable casino (list of them you will find at Roulette Online page), get registered there and make a deposit. And after that you may start make bets and win money! Roulette systems are well developed in modern world so you can easily choose a game that suits you best. We hope, that those pieces of advice you find at our web-site will be helpful for you and you win all your bets! Just keep learning and remember – the more you know, the more chances to win you have, as only those who are wise can take a situation in any game under control, even if the game is totally based at your luck!

European Roulette

European Roulette online. This type of Roulette is also called "Roulette with one zero". The first wheel with one zero appeared in 1843 in Germany. The wheel of the roulette is divided into 37 sectors: 36 numbered from 1 to 36 and 0 slot. The numbers are located in more random order.

American Roulette

In the 19 century the American version of playing roulette online was quite different than nowadays. There were numbers starting from 1 to 28 and 0, 00 and slot with American eagle. And later the game transformed in the modern American Roulette with 36 red and black slots, 0 and 00 slots.
# Casino US players Rating Bonuses
1. Win Palace Casino YES 10 $400
2. Online Vegas Casino YES 10 $100
3. Go Casino Casino YES 9 $300
4. Rushmore Casino YES 8 $300
5. Rome Casino YES 7 $555
Roulette online basics

Playing roulette online is a very popular way of spending free time. You can have all the excitement of playing in any casino in the world in the comfort of your own house. You can play free roulette or for real money. Free games are not interesting for you? Are you ready to risk placing real money bets? Have you mastered all of the strategies that can help you to achieve a win? Then go here! Find the best place for playing roulette at Canada Casinos Online website – guide where all the casinos which provide the best software are listed and reviews. Among the offers you can always find the one which will be great personally for you. Just browse the site and find what you need. That’s so easy to do, but the results will be really impressive.

Roulette Systems

There can be a lot of roulette systems and winning strategies for playing the game. The game has inspired players to create some definite methods to beat the game. There are thousands of different Roulette Strategies and some of them are presented at our site. Martingale betting strategy is for beginners which appeared in 18 century in France and became well-known game of chance.

Internet Roulette

We can single out some advantages of playing casino games online particularly of playing Roulette. There are two versions of it: European and American. Both of them have 36 red and black slots. The difference is that European Roulette contains one zero slot and the American one - zero and double zero. In comparison to offline casino, online casino gambling is much faster.